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Ultimate Comic Penciling & Inking Brushes for Procreate

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✏️ These comic drawing brushes have been fine tuned to "feel" like drawing comics traditionally on paper, but on your iPad with Procreate! πŸ–‹

Stop wasting your time sorting through giant mega packs of brushes that you'll never use! This pack gives you everything a pro comic artist needs to get the job done & more!

About These Comic Drawing Brushes for Procreate

  • DJC Ultimate Comic Pencil 2020: This isn't your ordinary procreate pencil. It magically can turn from a soft "concept" pencil for roughs into a tighter line for detailed penciling, all controlled with the sizing slider!
  • DJC Super Sharp Pencil: If you're not inking your own comics, you may want a tighter line. This pencil never gets dull and produces tight pencils to pass on to your favorite inkers. If you like tight penciling, this is the one.
  • DJC Pro Pencil 2018: My first Procreate Pencil brush, also has tilt shading built in for the apple pencil. This one has more of a sharpened HB feel.
  • DJC Old School Inker: Replicates the feel of old school brush inking with some built-in grungyness for your lines to look like great horror of sci-fi comics from EC. A brush would approve of, believe it or not! ;)
  • DJC Pro Inker: My go-to inking brush. A nice smooth line, crisp fills. It's my deadline beater brush!
  • DJC Panel Liner: No frills! A perfect mono line brush for panel borders, and I also use it to get consistent hand drawn word balloon lines.
  • DJC Ink Raker: An ink effect brush if you're into scratchy, goth-punk lines. Great for chaotic action or background fillers.
  • 3 DJC Ink Shaders : The Halftone dot and line shaders make it fun and fast to add some classic tones to your line art. Unlike many halftone brushes, this one builds up and multiplies for shading effects or added value and texture....

To see more of these brushes in action, check out my SECRET FORCES comic strip on instagram @secretforcescomic


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Custom Comic Drawing Procreate Brushes

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Ultimate Comic Penciling & Inking Brushes for Procreate

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