Ultimate Comic Page Template & Comic Brushes for Procreate

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Ultimate Comic Page Template & Comic Brushes for Procreate

D.J. Coffman / Digital Tools for Comic Artists
16 ratings

Everything you need to make more comics on you iPad within Procreate. 


  • 11x17 Comic Page Template
  • 9x14 Comic Page Template
  • 4 Panel Comic Strip Template (horizontal and vertical)
  • Thumbnail Layout Templates
  • Ultimate Comic Penciling Brush
  • Comic Inker Pro Brush

(See upgrade versions for complete pencil & ink and comic coloring brush sets.)

About the maker:

Hey there! I'm D.J. Coffman. This is my personal set of custom templates and comic brushes I use to make my own comics on the iPad Pro using Procreate. I've spent years fine tuning my own custom brushes and templates, and now I hope they help you make more comics!

For more examples of my work with these brushes and templates check out my ongoing comic series SECRET FORCES on instagram @secretforcescomic 🔥


I want this!

Comic Page Templates & Custom comic brushes


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