Defeat the Funk: 3 Key Exercises for Artists

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A free 3 exercise course for artists who are feeling stuck or unmotivated.

I'll walk you through 3 key exercises to help you quickly defeat whatever kind of creative funk you're in, and have you feeling energized and ready for action!

Exercise One: You'll learn an exercise used for centuries to get artists out of their funk. Leonardo-Friggin-DaVinci himself taught this to his students. Now you'll be able to use it too, anywhere, and in just minutes a day.

Exercise Two: You'll remember why you started AND I'll get back into "the zone."

Exercise Three: This exercise will help make you an even stronger visual storyteller.

Ready to rock? You can now get access to all three exercises right away so you start defeating the funk today!

Who the heck am I?

I'm D.J. Coffman, I've been drawing comics and art professionally for about 25 years now. I know from experience that the creator life can have it's ups and downs.

These are the exercises I use for myself, and share with my creator friends when creative depression and anxiety inevitably creep in.

We're in this together.

In a world full of so much negativity and destruction, my mission is to motivate as many artists as possible to create something new every day.

Even if you’ve never drawn comics or art seriously before, after these 3 exercises you'll have a solid foundation to start!

And if this isn’t your first rodeo, if you draw or have drawn comics before, this approach will make you a better visual storyteller in just minutes a day.

Special Bonus

When you sign-up for this free course I'll also put you on my free weekly "Draw or Die" newsletter. Each week I'll send a note from me, a drawing prompt and share a tool or resource to help keep you sharp!


Click the "I WANT THIS" button to join up! Again, this is meant to be FREE, so don't feel pressured to donate (gumroad won't let me change the "name a fair price" button)

I put this out to help as many artists as possible, and I can't wait to see how this will help you too.

Join for free!

(For those who do want to put a price on it, I'm taking ALL the proceeds and putting it back into instagram ads to spread the word to help MORE artists. That's the mission!!!)

I want this!

3 key exercises to snap you out of creative funk!

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Defeat the Funk: 3 Key Exercises for Artists

10 ratings
I want this!